Download the pdf: Golden Visa

If you are a citizen of a “third country” who owns or intends to acquire property in Greece either as an individual or as a shareholder/owner of shares in a legal entity having concluded a lease or a tourist property, then you are entitled to obtain a residence permit or else GOLDEN VISA.

The property’ value should be at least 250.000E. Alternatively, you can combine one or more properties for the total of 250,000 euros or more. Also, more persons as joint owners are entitled if each share is worth at least 250.000 euros (for example 4 persons for a 1.000.000EUR object).

In addition, some other real estate investments, esp. in tourism/ in form of shares etc. may apply. A company can be the buyer, but the applying person should prove its own share of investment of 250.000 EUR.

Obtaining the Golden Visa practically means that you acquire a residence permit for 5 years, while it can be renewable each time for 5 more years. The members of your family, meaning your husband/wife and your children who have to be under 18 years old and not married, obtain an individual residence permit as well, in addition to access to health care and public education.

Another crucial advantage that the Golden Visa holder gets is that he can travel to all Scheongen countries without the restrictions he would face as a “third country” citizen.

If you are interested in obtaining the Golden Visa, please contact us in order to get more information and guidance through all the preparation phase.