greenhouse investments — 300 sunny days a year

Different kinds of Greenhouse available for sale

Do you see yourself as a gardener, gardening year-round and in all kinds of weather? Then you should definitely consider investing in the greenhouse growing. Whether you choose to erect a small house or a large hothouse, a greenhouse project definitely saves you money among other numerous advantages.

Greenhouses enable gardeners to ensure productive corps regardless of the weather or growing region. In Greece, of course, the climate is mild during the whole year, -the sun is shinning 300 days per year- however, it is important to keep your corps protected from wind, rain and even birds whose activity mostly during spring disturbs germinated seeds in case they grow outside. In addition, the greenhouse gives more growing choices since you can grow just about any kind of herb, vegetable, shrub or tree, even exotic plants that wouldn’t normally be possible in your location.

Nowadays, new materials and new techniques have made greenhouse less expensive and longer lasting. New types of greenhouses have become available for sale to anyone interested in gardening. As they say, working with your bare hands in close relationship to the earth is therapeutic. Do not miss out!