Truffles in Northern Greece for sale!

Truffles belong to the wider category of mushrooms and some of its species are highly prised as food. Its exceptional scent and flavour makes it -as an expert could say- the “diamond of the kitchen”. It is also known for its aphrodisiac and therapeutic attributes.

The cultivation of truffles consists an alternative and yet a low-budget agricultural activity. In Greece, until recently, the production and purchase of truffles have been in an early stage and thus there is no competition. On the contrary, in countries like French and Italy, the competition is intense since they retain a dynamic presence in the field.

As for the Greek market, it is estimated that the competition will arise after the first four years of production and greek producers will mainly be concerned about exporting their product.

Taking into consideration all the above, specifically the non existence of competition domestically, the impressive possibilities of exportation given that the field is globally advanced, and the strong distribution net already existing in the Greek market, which will certainly boost the sales, one concludes that investing in truffles and in the Greek market is actually an innovative business move with great potential.

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