“It always seems impossible, until it’ s done”

Nelson Mandela

Our approach on your investment

Legal and business background

We are lawyers that have worked with businessmen for over 15 years. Our family background has evolved for over 40 years in the same field. We know the needs of businessmen and investors for creativity, expansion and profit.

We are saying “no” more often than “yes”

Our investment professional advice is reliable. We want to bring you important and lucrative deals that are within your needs.

We are researching the market

We are constantly in contact with our sources for the newest developments on the investment market in Greece and we are looking for hidden opportunities. As lawyers, we are knowledgeable on up-dated and prospected legal developments, that concern present and future business.

We have a vast network of professionals

We are knowledgeable on this field in the Greek market like no other. We have invested our whole teams time, work and networks to bring the best for your advantage. Our team includes economists, tax professionals, trusted real estate agents, engineers, agronomists, tourism professionals, translators, psychologists. We have influence and we have earned respect for state and private institutions.

Quality, not Quantity

We are aiming for one good investment, instead of having a big variety of not-so-worthy opportunities for you. We are looking for that one investment that you seek.

We have all expertise in one place for your investment in Greece.