“Trust your instincts”

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Our Approach to law cases

Successfully in the legal business over years

Our family backgrounds were lawyers, as families we are in the business for more than 40 years. For over 15 years we represented all types of clients, from low to high incomes, and from start-ups and small companies to multinationals.

We have received professional recognition and are Respected By Courts, Prosecutors and Other Attorneys and professionals.

This hard-earned respect comes to your benefit.

Fees with parameters

The bottom line is success but we know that fees are of concern to you. We are not the most expensive attorneys, but we are not the cheapest. If your primary concern is financial and are looking for the cheapest attorney, we are not for you. We work with you up front to understand your financial parameters.

From the beginning, we try to provide financial predictability to you.

We Are Selective

We don’t handle every case and every field or every client, although we are knowledgeable on almost every field. We will turn down cases that are for your best interests not to be handled by us, even if you want us and offer to pay us.

We know the hidden traps.


If advantageous, we can assemble a team of other professionals to pursue and strengthen your case. We can call on experts with skills tailored to your case, such as investigators, psychologists and specialized doctors that we have successfully worked with over the years.

We Think Outside the Box, We Think like There Is No Box

There is no one set solution because no case or client is the same. We engage in teamwork, we consult trusted other long-time professionals, we research out-of-the-box.

How do we proceed on your case. Our Customer Approach – Fee Policy


Our services cover a variety of litigation disciplines and our litigators have a proven track record of success in a wide array of service areas. The court cases we handle expand on all subjects of private law, such as suits, class actions, competition disputes, products liability, medical liability, employment etc. Just as important is our expertise on the area of commercial litigation.
Endowed with years of experience and skill our commercial litigation services include among other fields exclusivity and non-competition agreements, franchise and distributor disputes, real estate contracts and bankruptcy litigation.

Contract Law

The vague and ambiguous terms often used in contracts to express the included concepts may lead to uncertainty and possibly to enfeeblement of the negotiating position of the parties. Consequently, it is important to have your existing contract templates reviewed or a new template of any type of contract developed by experienced lawyers in order to ensure quality and reduce possible costs.
Our team provides contract-drafting and contract-review services that extend to nearly any type of contract, including vendor contracts and commercial contracts, confidentiality agreements, employment and consulting agreements, leases, joint venture agreements, and M&A agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With heightened regulatory scrutiny and a more attentive and demanding shareholder base, corporate transactions today often involve significant litigation. Business consultation in matters of merger and acquisition is a complex task requiring deep knowledge, insight and determination.
Our team provides proactive, comprehensive and commercial advice to companies in order for them to decide where to invest and where to divest making the most profitable deals. We provide fully integrated, coordinated and cost-effective management of all aspects of a transaction - regardless of the deal location.


The purchase of a property through the procedure of a foreclosure surely demands the envolvement of a lawyer especially in order to handle the possible existence of a defect. Consequently, upon request we keep track of foreclosure listings searching for our clients the best financial opportunities in order for them to acquire large properties and foreclosed homes on sale.

Immigration Law

The complexity and the continuous evolving of the legislation concerning immigration matters demand from a migration attorney not only to know the law, but also have the will to find out the details and circumstances of each case. With vigilance and persistence we assist our clients through all legal procedures needed for acquiring a visa, the citizenship etc. More specifically, we specialize in the nationalization process that concerns expatriates.

Investment Law

During the last decades, investment issues proved to be extremely crucial for the boost of both global and local economy. In Greece, specifically, the development law 3908/2011 created favorable outlook for possible investors and simplified the bureaucratic procedures.
As lawyers ourselves we always preserve a keen eye on the relative legislation and we provide our clients/investors not only with legal support but also we assist on forming an efficient investment strategy and we even offer investment objectives. In addition, given the specialized legal regime and the substantive standards governing the investor-state relationship, in case a dispute between them arises, we act on behalf of our client in order to defend his claims against the state.

Criminal Law

Our team consisted of specialized lawyers represents clients in a wide range of criminal cases. From light traffic violations to homicides we focus on resolving the client’s problem with discretion and efficiency.
We become interactive partners with every client and provide guidance through all enforcement proceedings until the crucial stage of trial, where either as victim advocates or defense attorneys we conduct with peak performance.

Real estate law

Real estate projects consist one of our team’s most specialized practice. Having built a wide network of trusted best-in-class real estate agents, we assist our clients in breaking new ground on development, financing, acquisition and sale of real estate assets.
We act as trusted advisors to investors, developers and lenders by sharing our expertise across the full range of real estate legal services.

Intellectual property

Today’s emerging issues in the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets demand a multidisciplinary approach. We excel in developing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property by representing them either as plaintiffs or defendants in claims involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, trade secret misappropriation and IP-related antitrust violations.
By anticipating future needs we prepare our clients to meet current business objectives and create a strategic plan for building and protecting all IP assets.

Tax law

Nowadays, more than ever, comprehensive knowledge of the complex and continually evolving nature of tax law plays a crucial role in all commercial matters.
Through our extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge we provide sophisticated, deal-specific tax advice that allows our clients to accomplish their commercial objectives on a tax-efficient basis.